How to Photograph A Band: The Concert


dan deacon

1- relationship

relationships are everything in photography and life
get to know the band
tell them what you are doing, why you are shooting, they will give more knowing it will be coming back to them

2 – lighting

depends on the venue
the big time shows are well lit
the french clubs light well
but most underground shows in the states
have little to no existing light
even under good conditions
shoot alot
performers and light shift constantly
make sure you get something sharp yet moody
it has been done and done so let the light set you apart


into arcadia

3- flash

bounce the flash
look up
how high is the ceiling
what color is it
aim it off the walls
use a diffuser
keep you shutter speed and iso slow and low


take alot cut it to 200 image from say 1800
be harsh
be brave
look for moments and action


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