Hunting hat Reviews – Boost $50 a month unlimited plan

Living in Paris

I fondly remembered American telecommunications

thinking  things were cheaper in the United States

speaking on a cell phone in Europe is very expensive

we all resorted to text messages constantly

but when I returned to the United States

and began using prepaid cellular phone services

I realize how wrong I was

you had to pay to check your voicemail

and pay per text messages both outgoing and incoming

everything costs money

it would drive you bankrupt

yet it is such a part of the daily life

after about a year of living here suffering

being raped by prepaid cards

the only cheap telecommunications  coming with a two-year contract

that  if i  left the country you could not get out of

you simply had to pay for your phone

while it sat in the United States not being used

finally someone came up with an unlimited plan for a reasonable monthly rate

without a contract without a credit check without any of the bulshit

boost  mobile

the phones were not too expensive and pretty simple and straightforward

not too many whistles and bells

the  $50 flat rate no hidden fees

not that it shots calls more than probably your average phone

the sum of what you get what you pay for

the walkie-talkie feature is nice

lousy quick communication with people

sort of like a vocal text message

so I would have to say that I give the thumbs-up to boost mobile

the nationwide coverage is strong

the only trouble that I ran into

is that in my own home I got spotty service which was fine when talking to friends

old was horrible when trying to get my passport

being on hold for long periods of time

if the call drops

it was like the old school Nintendo games

you have to go start in the beginning

I cannot tell you how frustrating this was

so having a landline is always a nice backup

check them out here



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