the holden ranch

all i can say about my uncle paul is

he got me reading calvin and hobbes

he gave me his collection

or maybe i borrowed it and never gave it back

who knows

he is too cool to care

he lives  in monkton

over looks the woods

from his office in a home

with a room called the sanctuary

Uncle Paul married Aunt Jodi

i was old enough to be a punk

told her she was a rich girl

oh high school

she frames painting

she grows lemon cucumbers

she is understanding and supportive

when others lose faith

that goes along way

their two kids

my two cousins

make me feel like indiana jones

addie the actress and singer

the little girl who hugs all the other kids

compassion and curiosity and kindness


mark with a machete

he cuts things down

mark is a second grader

it sounds strange

but if more second graders

had machetes

the simplest farm tool on earth

the world would be a better place

as strange as that sounds

the dog barks and underbites

jig puzzles


wandering around my youth


mark took these pics




this is what i saw




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