wanted stuart ransom miller – serial lady killer

first time i heard to rhett miller

our love came blasting though my shitty lil peace corp issued radio

in some tiny corner of Tonga

on a mix tape made by my then girlfriend

i was back in the states on break from service

and he happened to be playing in nyc

at fez under time

i met him back stage

time passes, you have to rage against it

that was ten years ago


i am in nyc again wishing i wasn’t

hoping there would be something to see

that would make me smile

and here he is playing

again in some tiny club


i took pics

i paid my ticket

to reverse the karma

of downloading his music soooo many times

thank you rhett

your music has many times saved my life

has many times been the picture of a girl

i could touch

i have shared it with many

i am not normally shy

but i am not sure how to say this to a stranger

without sounding creepy

this time back stage

i just asked where i could send the pics

he introduced himself

he’s rhett

what a prince

i hope i get to work with him in the future

his music has always inspired me visually

rhett at city wine


rhett at city wine

rhett at city wine

rhett miller

rhett at city wine

rhett at city wine


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