Moonshine on the River —>Cucalorus



In lighting for film, theatre and still photography,

a cuculoris (occasionally also spelled cucoloris, kookaloris, cookaloris or cucalorus)

is a device for casting shadows or silhouettes to produce patterned illumination.


a non competitive film festival

in Wilmington nc

a beautiful place

chill costal vibes

southern in all the right ways

they hooked it up

pulled pork on the deck of a battleship

free 420 beer and moonshine

I am not making this up

I saw short film

 that touched me so deeply

I can dare not let my mind wander there

on the doc tip

something out of nothing was amazing

really unfolding the artistic process

the characters were compelling and thoughtful

the film was well constructed

on the fiction end

mumble core legend

hooked it up

funy and strange

then quietly going deep

very deep

the actor was there

super cool guy

struggling artist

but being hungry can be a good thing

though I have actually won awards

I have never been on this end of the festival

Showing work


a film by henry snyder

shown in a block of other comedy shorts

interesting to have a public viewing

to revisit the work after time

we got laughs

hemorrhoids are funny

I left the camera at home

Documenting the adventure

via hipstimatic



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