Scarlett Johansson vs Katie Meyler or what does it mean to give?

here is the teaser for my new film

about what it means to give in the modern age


when tring to aid in the battle against world hunger

be sure to do deep research into the companies

that you will be doing your scripted celbrity endorsment for

ties to palestinian isreal tensions and controversial views on how the situation can be remedied  

charity vs collaboration

for product touted to be helping make our planet and people healthier

other wise you will be thrown to the dogs after 8 years of work

who wins

who loses

now she is a free agent in the league of celebrities vs world

oxfam not looking principled but petty

in comes More Than Me and Katie Meyler can’t be thrown to the dogs

casue she has a pack of her own who are not attached to her celebrity

but for the deeper messege of living for something more than yourself

i have my critiques of katie

she is far from perfect

but she is doing it


you are what you do

the philosophical debates over right and wrong

spin in stasis as those on ground pound it out looking for solutions in the day to day

oh we the lucky ones



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