BIKEPARKNOW – the movement for an urban moto bike park in Baltimore

For 5 years I have been tracking the Dirt Bike issue in Baltimore City. The issue is a kin to many of the other issues facing economically under served in the city, but specifically the African American community who have been systematically oppressed for decades,  undoing the impact will disrupt the status quo in an attempt to find social balance. This is called achieving equilibrium.  Over time we will get into the nuanced issues around the bikes but right now let state something simple.

Urban Dirt bike riding is not going away, more over there is a whole generation of kids  practicing everyday on pedal bikes, dreaming to join the ranks of their heroes. In the current political environment these heroes are outlaws because their passion has not gained bureaucratic acceptance. This dirt bike park and the movement towards a solution is about this next generation of riders and their attitudes towards the system.

There is time for a solution for the summer, if we can find tolerance and compassion around the things we don’t understand.




picture-28ruintown is a loft space

in one of the old brick factories

by the falls river

skate ramp inside

the volunteers were playing

they are old dear friends

who picked my crutched ass up

on their way to the show

dropped me off after three am confessional

in the denny’s

it was fun

it was messy

it was rock and roll

the vibe is real here

people just being people



sitting around the bonfire

baltimore is a cool spot in these united states

people embracing the madness


Best of Baltimore: Bombshell Bonanza with good olde JW

it was 5 bucks for two people to check out

a vintage film 

the reels on two projectors with grain and warmth 

the event opened for the release of 

“Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master,”

by Baltimore Sun film critic Michael Sragow

it was in the beautiful Brown Center at Maryland Institute College of Art

john waters showed up

which is all the street cred a baltimore event can ask for 

oh charm city keep your secrets hidden 


Baltimore Underground: Mobtown Modern Madness

the theme of the evening  was 

hard as fuck 

a bunch of techinically tricky pieces 

long sheet of music laid across multiple stands

musician bobbing and weaving in front of them 

played by some serious local talents with video installations in back 

the organizer brian is in the army band 

but organizes this and other madness <unsilent night> 

to keep sane 

it was a nice vibe dollar boh’s

free hard pretzels <the good hanover kind>

funky dj to bridge the beats 

baltimore is cool 

if you can find it