Faces of the Faithful

purple blood runs out of the stadium

pools in the low lying areas surrounding

where they gather covering themselves as best they can

during the week they cherish the stains on thier skin and karatin

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Toni from Tonga


my first wheat paste

toni was an old man in my tongan village

one day after painting the school library

i found myself at Toni’s house for a meal

my skin was covered in latex paint

as i ate, he sat next to me

dipping his thumb a bottle of tongan oil

gently scraping the paint off my arm

it was the most human moment of my life

so simple

this act of grooming

we are animals

meant to care for each other

paradigm shift

so now i will put his face around this globe

everyone asked me he’s Einstein

maybe he is …

thanks to gaia for teaching me on this whole technique

Best of Baltimore: Unsilent Night

they gathered by the man woman statue by penn station that i

and maybe i alone love

with boom boxes and tape recorders

brian distributed tapes and we head out into the night

a 4 part piece written for boom boxes

it played around us as we strolled through baltimore in a thin shroud of music