Easy parallax scrolling or easy web native visuals or how to make a cool website


it been popping the last year or so

parallax scrolling for websites

the concept is old

“The technique grew out of the multiplane camera

technique used in traditional animation since the 1930s,

and was popularized among video games

in the 1982 arcade game Moon Patrol


In 2011 Ian Coyle created the very first parallax website for Nike

“Nike Better World”

give it three year and now its a breeze

Scroll Kit make it simple and intuitive

I did THIS in a day

this whole thing is great for web native stories


or just telling a story

like the Epic  life of Pi

the idea is old the technology is accessable

all you need is the game plan

the rest is a simple process

for more inspiration



Start by Painting on nudes — pt 3

lea is the ultimate

she wanted to do the project as much as i did

to play with paint and color

to have fun with our one life

together with hands and brushes

we made our backdrop

then turned our attention to the body physical

the slow transformation from mousy french girl

to a savage creature

it was the most full expression of the piece

a dance of color and love

Start By Painting on Nudes — pt2

model 2 was much more into painting

she and my girl painted much of the back ground and base coats

i can in at the end and smeared colors over it all

she was timid ways i would not expect

but the idea of the art

of being creative in it

seemed to set her free

till the again the camera was raised

she seemed to leave her eyes

results almost seem exploitative

i do not own this work

many hands laid upon it

i only created the space to breath

here i begin to play with studio light

not my forte

only one way to get better

Start by Painting on Nudes — pt 1


i have always wanted to paint

i am starting slowly

good friends like Troy Henriksen and Gaia

inspire me

make it seem tangible

i start with girls from WM

seemless backgrounds as canvas

then skin

then photo

the piece is the photo

the rest is ephemeral

at least this time

might as well start on naked women

this is a collaborative exploration

color shape structure

living art

the photo

the piece

the girl

the emotion

that have only dipped my toe

here is girl 1 of 3

she got fully nude

was compliant

distanced from the process

she was a passive figure who came alive

japanese in paris

always an intriguing blend

stay tuned for more

>i realize the childish nature

of the work

of the exploration

but a friend said to me

go back to where you last left off

guess i was 12<


Which Lighting Kit?


i am fill in flash guy

i sometimes you the off camera cord

that is so a la mode right now

but for more serious studio or video work

you got to have that kit

my man rarah is a master with a simple alien bee set up

but check this out to get a more in-depth look

how to photograph dan deacon: without blinding him


poor dan

he does his best to control the lighting

but this is usually how he spends his evening

getting blasted, blinded and smushed

god bless him

i shot him a zodiac

he came to me and told me it was an intimate show

no flash

it was a good challenge

because if you let him

he is a kick ass director of photography

you just have to be on your game and quick as shit

here is what i got