Passage Interdit or How to hop the Paris Metro like a Pro || Part 1 – Zeitgeist


Turnstile jumping Le Metro is the only true Parisian sport, a subtle act of resistance to help the French stay French . Everyday 145,000 of Les Fraudeurs, the fraudsters, from all walks of life take a free ride, a brush with adventure, and a chance to stick to the man by illegally entering public transit. For all the broke expats and artist for whom the monthly pass is a bridge too far $$, Passage Interdit is a walk through  for getting in, getting around and getting out with out getting caught. As an American, from a place of ridged rules and few exceptions I was fascinated by the 80 year old women duck under a turnstile, or a family of three hold the door and walk in through exit, all the time thinking … what bravery? Jumping the metro is about coming to grips with the reality and fantasy,with control and the state with loopholes and house rules with the adventure of the everyday … stay tuned.