making moves see it all coming up

feel like i can see the shape of things

how it all fits together

been a good day

so much for the jesus year

it was a wild one

need to hold on

but not too tight



i have been sleeping on the blog
i am not sure of any of it is real

then i realized

none of that matters

so i am back

head shots i got in trouble for

trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun

trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun

Hunting Hat Reviews: Canon 5d Mark 2

they have it finally at b and h
canon-eos-5d-markiicanon 5d mark 2

i played with it

it’s sick

ergonomically nikon is always better and nikon’s flash system too

but once you get used to the canon

it is the most bang for your buck

now that it has a self-cleaning sensor and weather sealed

it is the piece of equipment that is what you need and no more

like the 5d was

the d700 doesn’t cut it

the d3 is huge and pricey

the d3x is silly, just ask hitler

the 5d2 image was almost as crisp as the d3

but it was not a top lens

the video looked good

the live view, frame rate is faster

it almost feels lighter and smaller

the menu is redesigned and controlled by both scroll wheels

i can’t wait for the money gods to bestow one upon me

i took a bunch of shots on my card but i erased them to take these


gunwife gone

djtronold boy

c’est la vie

no point in daydream’n about new toys

we do the best with what we have