lole fall 13 shoot or i fell for chicago or how i eat

the lole work is fun

deb is a hoot

thicker than thieves

we made our way around the windy city

with a pass from the weather gods

the shoot days were sunny and perfect

unseasonably warm

the city embraced us and we slid around

without a care or hassle

maybe all those pujas work out in the end

on the way to the airport before we went into the curve i said watch out this is a dangerous curve 20 seconds later we were in a ditch

on the way to the airport before we went into the curve i said watch out this is a dangerous curve 20 seconds later we were in a ditch

proper chicago steak house

proper chicago steak house

mie moves primitively

mie moves primitively

eat me

eat me

soft beauty

soft beauty



is tight

is tight



so fab

so fab

ford is fab

ford is fab

but it works

but it works

bean life

bean life





true love

true love

the distance

the distance

look at her glow

look at her glow

golden hour

golden hour



studying light

studying light



prime cuts

prime cuts




underbean you reconsider reality

underbean you reconsider reality

bean'in with deb k

bean’in with deb k

bean birds

bean birds

look at yourself

look at yourself

the detail devil

the detail devil


metal days

metal days

my girl

my girl

out to the plains

out to the plains

on the river, quelle villle

on the river, quelle villle

view from the nest

view from the nest

me in ohare




Moonshine on the River —>Cucalorus



In lighting for film, theatre and still photography,

a cuculoris (occasionally also spelled cucoloris, kookaloris, cookaloris or cucalorus)

is a device for casting shadows or silhouettes to produce patterned illumination.


a non competitive film festival

in Wilmington nc

a beautiful place

chill costal vibes

southern in all the right ways

they hooked it up

pulled pork on the deck of a battleship

free 420 beer and moonshine

I am not making this up

I saw short film

 that touched me so deeply

I can dare not let my mind wander there

on the doc tip

something out of nothing was amazing

really unfolding the artistic process

the characters were compelling and thoughtful

the film was well constructed

on the fiction end

mumble core legend

hooked it up

funy and strange

then quietly going deep

very deep

the actor was there

super cool guy

struggling artist

but being hungry can be a good thing

though I have actually won awards

I have never been on this end of the festival

Showing work


a film by henry snyder

shown in a block of other comedy shorts

interesting to have a public viewing

to revisit the work after time

we got laughs

hemorrhoids are funny

I left the camera at home

Documenting the adventure

via hipstimatic


The Long layover pt 1 –Waiting around

this was really my first time in LA

there had been some fly throughs

but this time i have a rental car

playing pole position

what fun

a pack of wolves

nipping at each others heals


in a trendy pizza place

wade and chris sit on other side of an open partition

playing acoustic

barely audible over the din of the dining room

as i drew closer i was sucked in the brightness of the sound

slapping hands between songs i asked- who wrote it

me -wade said- this is the new shit

from a bar

back to the house

i convinced them to do a video mission

the next day i met up with Rebeka

an ernest soul

bright, driven, obsessed

an artist to her bones

but this is LA

like NYC

you wait tables too

lamenting la vie artistique

she was on board for the mission with the boys


driving past oil fields in a middle of a city

i made my way to Tonga

wondering how it will unfold

Toni from Tonga


my first wheat paste

toni was an old man in my tongan village

one day after painting the school library

i found myself at Toni’s house for a meal

my skin was covered in latex paint

as i ate, he sat next to me

dipping his thumb a bottle of tongan oil

gently scraping the paint off my arm

it was the most human moment of my life

so simple

this act of grooming

we are animals

meant to care for each other

paradigm shift

so now i will put his face around this globe

everyone asked me he’s Einstein

maybe he is …

thanks to gaia for teaching me on this whole technique

Start By Painting on Nudes — pt2

model 2 was much more into painting

she and my girl painted much of the back ground and base coats

i can in at the end and smeared colors over it all

she was timid ways i would not expect

but the idea of the art

of being creative in it

seemed to set her free

till the again the camera was raised

she seemed to leave her eyes

results almost seem exploitative

i do not own this work

many hands laid upon it

i only created the space to breath

here i begin to play with studio light

not my forte

only one way to get better

Start by Painting on Nudes — pt 1


i have always wanted to paint

i am starting slowly

good friends like Troy Henriksen and Gaia

inspire me

make it seem tangible

i start with girls from WM

seemless backgrounds as canvas

then skin

then photo

the piece is the photo

the rest is ephemeral

at least this time

might as well start on naked women

this is a collaborative exploration

color shape structure

living art

the photo

the piece

the girl

the emotion

that have only dipped my toe

here is girl 1 of 3

she got fully nude

was compliant

distanced from the process

she was a passive figure who came alive

japanese in paris

always an intriguing blend

stay tuned for more

>i realize the childish nature

of the work

of the exploration

but a friend said to me

go back to where you last left off

guess i was 12<


Metamorphosis or Kafka as a Parisien woman scorn

Fast French women=slow motion matrix mamma to this brown eyed American boy in tow, each movement split into 7 micro seconds, 7 hands slapping, you have to rewind your mind in the evening.

Sexual energy sparking off her, I turn to shield myself in the smile of a simple stranger with a hat that say $f sparking our scheduled dialog of traveler’s tales and fond memory.

Fast French Woman=thief of sweet $F hat stranger’s boy friend while she was in SF, getting her hat.

Later, by later I mean day’s later in a squat party, I cross Fast French Woman, telling me $f hat too is there, dressed like a Nazi Harlot to reclaim her man.

$f sent the needle scratching, clicking static in the mind of men, raw sexuality showering passersby.

Takeover not makeover, how did she transform into this “blonde” nietzschean beast skulking in the bowels of this Parisian squat.

Sure she got her guy back, but to what avail, what woman reclaimed him?

Later with my lens i searched the beast, or maybe just breasts, finding neither

Frumpy French girl fragility tucked away, gone the animal who lives with in us all?

Vive La France


Summer Of Love

this summer Food Not bombs is stepping up it’s game 

reaching out to collaborate with people from all over the city 

to take food rescue to a whole new level 

we are gonna need you so stay tuned