how to photograph dan deacon: without blinding him


poor dan

he does his best to control the lighting

but this is usually how he spends his evening

getting blasted, blinded and smushed

god bless him

i shot him a zodiac

he came to me and told me it was an intimate show

no flash

it was a good challenge

because if you let him

he is a kick ass director of photography

you just have to be on your game and quick as shit

here is what i got



baltimore underground: feet night baltimore round robin


feet night was madness

just straight energy to the point

where many of the stages were pushed over

and had to be protected by those not performing

it was a good night to be in baltimore

hot girls torturing clowns

love was in the air

the human tunnel at the end was a stroke of genius



Best of Baltimore: Bombshell Bonanza with good olde JW

it was 5 bucks for two people to check out

a vintage film 

the reels on two projectors with grain and warmth 

the event opened for the release of 

“Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master,”

by Baltimore Sun film critic Michael Sragow

it was in the beautiful Brown Center at Maryland Institute College of Art

john waters showed up

which is all the street cred a baltimore event can ask for 

oh charm city keep your secrets hidden