Back to Liberia /// panoramic

Been here for a week watching

now i am ready to speak

mtm.ebola.dreams 1

Touching down at in Monrovia to face masks and infrared thermometer scans

as i walked out of the airport the security guard whispered

don’t let anyone touch you

mtm.ebola.dreams 2

Training ambulance driver with the personal protective equipment as More Than Me founder Katie Myler organizes the community response in west point

mtm.ebola.dreams 3

mtm.ebola.dreams 4

Trying to maintain some sense of normality we go to Rasta Beach for Katie’s 32nd birthday. Last year for her birthday she opened a school that is no the home of the response team and ambulance unit

mtm.ebola.dreams 5

Atop of the more than me guest house that has been shut down /// how can this be used to in the battle of Ebola

mtm.ebola.dreams 6

mtm.ebola.dreams 7

sunset interview with ester, who is a staff work at the More Than Me house. Her only brother died of ebola int he bush and she is working to spread awareness in the community that is being ravaged by the virus

mtm.ebola.dreams 8

a meeting of the partners in the battle to contain Ebola in west point, organizing the different arms of outreach to maximize the impact

mtm.ebola.dreams 9

Our ambulance drivers and attendants in the back of a of the pick up truck headed to Elwa MSF treatment center for training on using the personal protective equipment

mtm.ebola.dreams 10

From the terrace of the Mamba Point hotel. This is where all the journalists and international aid workers are staying even during the war this was a safe zone.

mtm.ebola.dreams 11

mtm.ebola.dreams 12

A typical day on Rasta beach, music and laughter hair being braided small food being sold off the tops of peoples heads in spite of the virus life carries on arties made music is played and people try to keep their spirits afloat

mtm.ebola.dreams 13

The pool at our hotel which is also an apartment complex housing some of my friends from European Union who were hosting a topless and cocktails sundown party. For months not of these people have been to any gatherings they had been shattered in their homes and we’re beginning to go stir crazy small events like this help give people sanity in this growing crisis.

More soon





somebody left the smoke machine on KISS setting

it was like a indian steam room at first

but the fog cleared

the band played

very smooth trip hoppy jazzy

“i am at work need non offensive music” vibe

i had fun

Baltimore Underground: Mobtown Modern Madness

the theme of the evening  was 

hard as fuck 

a bunch of techinically tricky pieces 

long sheet of music laid across multiple stands

musician bobbing and weaving in front of them 

played by some serious local talents with video installations in back 

the organizer brian is in the army band 

but organizes this and other madness <unsilent night> 

to keep sane 

it was a nice vibe dollar boh’s

free hard pretzels <the good hanover kind>

funky dj to bridge the beats 

baltimore is cool 

if you can find it