BIKEPARKNOW – the movement for an urban moto bike park in Baltimore

For 5 years I have been tracking the Dirt Bike issue in Baltimore City. The issue is a kin to many of the other issues facing economically under served in the city, but specifically the African American community who have been systematically oppressed for decades,  undoing the impact will disrupt the status quo in an attempt to find social balance. This is called achieving equilibrium.  Over time we will get into the nuanced issues around the bikes but right now let state something simple.

Urban Dirt bike riding is not going away, more over there is a whole generation of kids  practicing everyday on pedal bikes, dreaming to join the ranks of their heroes. In the current political environment these heroes are outlaws because their passion has not gained bureaucratic acceptance. This dirt bike park and the movement towards a solution is about this next generation of riders and their attitudes towards the system.

There is time for a solution for the summer, if we can find tolerance and compassion around the things we don’t understand.




the holden ranch

all i can say about my uncle paul is

he got me reading calvin and hobbes

he gave me his collection

or maybe i borrowed it and never gave it back

who knows

he is too cool to care

he lives  in monkton

over looks the woods

from his office in a home

with a room called the sanctuary

Uncle Paul married Aunt Jodi

i was old enough to be a punk

told her she was a rich girl

oh high school

she frames painting

she grows lemon cucumbers

she is understanding and supportive

when others lose faith

that goes along way

their two kids

my two cousins

make me feel like indiana jones

addie the actress and singer

the little girl who hugs all the other kids

compassion and curiosity and kindness


mark with a machete

he cuts things down

mark is a second grader

it sounds strange

but if more second graders

had machetes

the simplest farm tool on earth

the world would be a better place

as strange as that sounds

the dog barks and underbites

jig puzzles


wandering around my youth


mark took these pics




this is what i saw




how will you get the access
to your subject
that is the question
what will give you the confidence
to raise the camera to your eye
when you are in places hostile
to your skin
to your ideas
what gives you the right

Which Lighting Kit?


i am fill in flash guy

i sometimes you the off camera cord

that is so a la mode right now

but for more serious studio or video work

you got to have that kit

my man rarah is a master with a simple alien bee set up

but check this out to get a more in-depth look

how to photograph dan deacon: without blinding him


poor dan

he does his best to control the lighting

but this is usually how he spends his evening

getting blasted, blinded and smushed

god bless him

i shot him a zodiac

he came to me and told me it was an intimate show

no flash

it was a good challenge

because if you let him

he is a kick ass director of photography

you just have to be on your game and quick as shit

here is what i got